Annuity Fees


How to Use Annuity Fees



Using new attributes and measures, you can calculate the overall annuity fees of a patent portfolio. The calculation is based on the data of 40 patent authorities. Besides calculating the entire costs of a portfolio for the remaining patent lifetime, you can also split up the costs by year and authority.




  • Annuity fee payment in: Authority in which the annuity fees have to be paid
  • Annuity fee payment year: The year in which the annuity fees have to be paid


  • Annuity fee ($): Sum of annuity fees in US dollars over the remaining lifetime of the patents
  • Annuity fee in year ($): Sum of annuity fees in US dollars in a specific year
  • Share in total annuity fees of owner: Share in total annuity fees of an owner over the remaining lifetime of the patents


  • The Annuity Fees (maintenance fees) are collected from the 40 most relevant patent offices around the world.
  • The Annuity Fees are updated annually. The currency exchange rate is always updated to the one valid at the selected Reporting Date.
  • The Annuity Fees are strictly forward-looking: fees paid before the selected Reporting Date are excluded (also for the current year).
  • The dates of payment are forecasted based on filing or grant date (depending on the authority) and the payment structure applied in each authority. Extensions of payment periods and fines associated with an extension are both excluded.
  • For the calculation of the lifetime maintenance fees, we assume that all currently active families are kept alive as long as possible in all authorities they are currently active in.
  • The calculation does not include factors like inflation, changes in maintenance fees or service costs.
  • EP applications are treated as if they were pending at EPO for the entire lifetime.
  • For WIPO applications no costs are applied.


How to Use Annuity Fees

You can use the Annuity Fee attributes and measures to quantify IP management efforts.

Attributes and measures are available for all charts and tables via “Annuity Fees”.


Now you can analyze how the overall annuity fees develop over time


Or identify those countries where you pay the highest total annuity fees


Benefit from pre-defined templates including the Annuity Fee measures and attributes


Or compare how much competitors invest in different technology fields