PatentSight Data Coverage 

A detailed description of PatentSight's weekly updated data coverage

 Our current bibliographic data coverage is that of DOCDB, the European Patent Office's renowned database. To improve the patent analysis, we filter all documents not relating to patented technical inventions in the strict sense behind the “Other IP Rights” toggle. In this way we guarantee that the portfolio size always refers to a consistent asset class and is thus comparable among companies and technologies.

The ‘Contents and coverage of the DOCDB bibliographic’ file can be accessed through the following link:

When uploading lists of patent numbers, we also match design and plant patents as well as utility models. These are categorized as “Other IP Rights”, as such, will only be found in any analysis performed on the platform if the “Other IP Rights” toggle is switched.

Legal status coverage first relies on data from the European Patent Office's INPADOC database. We also add some information from national patent offices to the data stream as well as subsidiary information from corporate structure databases.

In addition, all patent offices around the world provide their patent data with the EPO, so we cover all relevant patent data worldwide. The PatentSight database currently covers patent data from more than 80 patent authorities.

Since PatentSight is part of LexisNexis®, our database also contains IP DataDirect (IPDD).

IPDD from LexisNexis® provides worldwide patent information in bulk. PatentSight currently works on integrating the entire IPDD content with improved bibliographic and legal status information.