PatentSight Playbooks

Use real life examples as a guidance for your own IP analytics


How to Access PatentSight's Playbooks

How to Save Customized Playbooks



PatentSight Playbooks are ready-made analysis workbooks saved in your account covering all PatentSight Use Cases. They include a detailed description and generic interpretation of each analysis. Use them to get an overview of available templates and their interpretation. 

You can choose from 13 different Playbooks guiding you through all PatentSight Use Cases. Available Playbooks are listed below:

  • Annuity Fees
  • Benchmarking
  • Charts
  • Citation Analysis
  • Internationalization Strategies
  • Legal Status
  • Licensing
  • M&A
  • M&A Scouting
  • M&A Target Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • R&D Strategy
  • Trends


How to Access the PatentSight Playbooks

To access the PatentSight Playbooks, go to "Workbook -> Open -> Enterprise Playbooks".
(If you are an Essentials User, this folder is called "Essentials Playbooks".)

The first sheet of the Playbook's workbook gives you a general overview of the Use Case and a list of available templates alongside with a short description. Each following workbook sheet shows a certain analysis referring to the chosen Use Case.

In general, each sheet is set up as shown above. In the Search Area a general and exemplary filter is applied. The analysis area shows the corresponding analysis. In the comment field on the right-hand side you find information like chart title, a short summary, detailed description and generic interpretation guidelines for each analysis.



How to Save Customized Playbooks

Any Playbook can be easily applied to your personal Use Case. After changing the filter settings to your needs, the filters can then be applied to the entire workbook (Click here for 'Apply current search to entire workbook').

The modified Playbook can then be saved in your personal folder via Workbook -> Save as, e.g. under a new name (Click here for 'Save Your Workbook'). If required, the comment field can be adjusted or closed.