Using the Result List

Open the Result List

Information Provided in the Result List

Highlighting Functionality

Customize the Result List

Select Patents From the Result List

Use the Inbox Functionality

Use the Tagging Tool in the Result List


Open the Result List

Use the Result List template to see a list of patents including full text data and drawings:


Information Provided in the Result List

The Result List provides all information on each patent family defined in your search filter at a glance:

You can also check the legal status and take a look into the legal events of the entire patent family or per family member:


Use the Result List to view the full text including abstract, claims, description and drawings of all members of each patent family:


Open the drawing viewer to view all drawings:


Highlighting Functionality

The highlighting functionality allows you to have keywords of your choice highlighted throughout the entire Result List, i.e. in the title, abstract, claims and description of each document in your result set.

Enter one or more keywords you want to have highlighted:

If you enter multiple terms, these terms will be highlighted in different colors:


The highlighting functionality can only highlight exact sequences of characters. E.g., if you enter "CTE" into the search window of the highlighting functionality, the character sequence "cte" will be highlighted everywhere it appears, including terms like "connected", "protected" or "contacted":

Note: The highlighting functionality does not support the use of wildcards. Moreover, no differentiation is made between lower and upper case letters. 


If you are using the Full Text search in the search filter, the keywords from the search filter will be automatically transferred into the "Highlight keywords ...." window of the highlighting functionality in the Result List.

Note: The full text search and the highlighting functionality are two different features, independent of one another. Although the keywords from your search filter are automatically transferred into the highlighting window, the highlighting as such does not reflect the search results (hits) of the full-text search.

Only the target icon, which can be found in the card "Family members", will show you which document of the respective patent family meets the search criteria as defined by you in the search filter (here: the keyword "CTE" in the title):


Customize the Result List

By customizing the Result List, your can decide which cards are shown and in what order.


Per default, the contents of the Result List are PatentSight default layout. To customize the Result List, select "Switch to customized layout".


First, you can decide which cards will be displayed by moving them from the overview of available cards (right) to the displayed cards menu (left). To add all available cards in bulk, you can click on "Add all cards". 


Once you are happy with your selection, you can use drag & drop to change the position of the cards displayed.


Now, the Result List will display the cards selected in the defined order.




Select Patents From the Result List

Click on “Select” on top of the Result List to select patents:


A checkbox will appear next to each patent in the list. You can select patents by ticking the respective box:


Use the Shift key to select multiple patents at once : 


You can also drag your selection into the search filter of this or a different sheet:


Use the Inbox Functionality

The Inbox Functionality marks patents as “read” or “unread”:


You can always mark patents as "read" or "unread" by hand. Select the patents you want to mark as "read" or "unread" and click on "Mark as read" or "Mark as unread" respectively:


You can deactivate the Inbox Functionality or clear the list or read patents via your user settings.



Use the Tagging Tool in the Result List

The Tagging Tool is embedded at the bottom of the Result List:


To activate the Tagging Tool, click on "Click here to tag patents...". Next, to add tags to the Tagging Tool, click on "Add":


Select the tag(s) you want to add to the Tagging Tool or create a new tag:


You can add up to 10 tags to the Tagging Tool at once:


The tags selected will be added to the Tagging Tool:


The tags added to the Tagging Tool are identified by numbers:


The interface of the Tagging Tool allows you to add or remove tags at any time:


You can also change the numerical order of the tags in the Tagging Tool:


Moreover, you can decide to hide or show the Tagging Tool options:


Click on the respective tag number to add a patent family to a tag:


Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys of your keyboard to navigate through the Result List and the number keys to add or remove tags from/to patent families:


Finally, you can select and tag multiple patent families at once:


All you need to do is name your selection and press the respective tag number:


Note: The tags in the Tagging Tool are updated automatically as you work with the tool - thus, there is no need to save your changes.