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Last updated: December 2020



Introduction to Smart Reports

Generating Smart Reports

Smart Report


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Introduction to Smart Reports

PatentSight's Smart Reports is an additional feature that allows you to quickly create meaningful and accurate patent analysis reports. The result is a C-suite presentation-ready PowerPoint file. In addition, you can also save all the analyses of your report as a workbook in PatentSight Business Intelligence and edit it just like any other workbook.

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Generating Smart Reports

Direct to Smart Reports either on the Welcome Screen or via Tools -> Smart Reports


In Smart Report generator three different smart report types can be chosen: 

Benchmarking reports should be used, when analyzing the whole patent portfolio of a group of selected companies or portfolios of selected companies within a technology field, respectively, to understand selected companies’ relative competitive positions, areas of technological strength, international filing strategy, and the interrelations between patent portfolios. 

Company profiles should be used when you need a 360 degree dive into a single company or a deeper view at a specific company’s patent holdings within a specific technology field. It reveals an overview who the company is, their patent strategy, international protection, and technological strength.

Patent family evaluations give detailed reports on a selected set of patent families from a single company or detailed reports on a selected set of patent families from a selected technology field, respectively. Patent evaluation sheets support your patent review process with patent strength metrics, their dependencies to other technology, and owners of prior and subsequent art.

Note: General workflow will be described in the following for Competitor benchmark only. Company profile reports and patent family evaluations are generated in a similar workflow.


In the next step, peer group or technology field is selected:


After peer group selection, optional settings can be set:


After confirmation, smart report is generated and can be downloaded as pptx-file or the corresponding workbook can be generated: 


Smart Report 

In the following a short overview of general smart report structure and created data will be given. 


Benchmarking reports can be divided into five segments as shown below in table of contets.


Methodology gives a brief recap on PatentSight's methodology

Benchmark compares selected peer group regarding the development of Patent Asset Index™ , Technology Relevance™  and Market Coverage™ as well as  their strategic position compared to each other. Furthermore an overview on PatentSight's key performance indicators of corresponding companies is given. 

International Strategy shows worldwide key markets and filing strategies of selected companies.

Company Interrelationship reveals the share of active patents related to protected prior art of companies in selected peer group.

Annex gives insights into additional aspects such as co-ownership, filing success and third party citations.

Company Profile

Company profile reports give insights into the key performance indicators of selected companies as well as the key markets and top technology fields. 

Patent Evaluation Sheets

A list of patent evaluation sheets is generated representing the top 100 patents of a selected company or technology field, respectively, sorted by descending Competitive Impact™. 

Explaining example is shown below. 

Powerpoint File

Generated pptx-files possess integrated data. Thus,  the underlying data can be accessed. 


The generated workbook is structured in the same way like the corresponding pptx file. Charts in the generated workbook can be modified in terms of selecting and arranging via chart settings. 

Note:  Predefined filter used for Smart Report generation are set and can not be changed.